Standard quotes include seed packeting, site layout, planting, note taking, harvesting and data summarization where applicable.

Standard Data Collected

Corn Soybeans
Stalk Lodging (%) Flower color
Root Lodging (%) Pubescence
Grain Moisture Plant Height
Grain Weight Eye Appeal (1-5)
Lodging (1-5)
Grain Moisture
Grain Weight

Additional Data Available for Collection

Corn Soybeans
Plant Height Maturity Notes
Test Weight

Small Plots (25ft less alleys)

Corn Soybeans
2 Row Corn 2 Row Soybeans
4 Row Corn 4 Row Soybeans

Mini Strips

(4 rows x 50ft less alleys) for Corn & Soybeans

Corn Population Trials

Standard Population Trials
Planted in 4, 30-inch rows x 25 feet (less alleys). Blocked and randomized by population. Populations available are 23,000, 28,000, 33,000, 38,000, 43,000 and 48,000 seeds per acre.

Open Trials

Multiple anonymous participants, shared data

2 rows x 25 feet, core list of approximately 130 entries, plus up to 8 client additions included. More than 8 additions are priced per location.

4 rows x 25 feet, core list of approximately 90 entries, plus up to 8 additions included as a package. More than 8 additions are priced per location.

Discounts are available when buying into 3 or more locations of the same crop.

Head-to-Head Service
Head to head paired comparisons are available upon request to all OPEN TRIAL clients at no additional cost.

Consulting Service
Genetic consulting is included for all OPEN LOCATION clients.

Strip Plots & Other Variations

Product Profiles
Detailed product evaluation for 12 different environment responses drawing from data over years. Profiles are priced per product, and discounts are available for OPEN TRIAL participants.

Payment Terms
50% Due March 15, 50% due 30 days after data delivery

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