G09Y24 wins. You will like the medium height, the versatility for geographic placement (N-S, E-W), the ability to excel following corn, the broad adaptation for soils including sands, clays, and any level of organic matter, and especially the consistently high yields. Weaknesses appear to be slow drydown, average roots, and the sensitivity to drought prior to tassel. But when G09Y24’s lowest yields are higher than the high yield of other hybrids, it is still a winner.


Available as: 5222A, 3220A

Actual yield results expressed as a percentage of a 5 check average

 Maturity  109 days
 Population  28,000 to 34,000
 Plant Height  Medium
 Ear Type  Semi-Flex
 Yield (as % of chks) for 2018  103 – Competitive
 Yield Stability (as % of chks)  Variable – 91 to 118
 Emergence/Vigor  Good
 Foliar Disease Susc.  Average
 Test Weight  Good
 Drydown  Slow
 Stalk Lodge  Good
 Root Lodge  Fair
 Wet Tolerance  Very Good
 Drought Tolerance  Average


 North of Lafayette  108
 South of Lafayette  106
 East of Indianapolis  107
 West of Indianapolis  107
 Following Soybeans  107
 Following Corn  109
 Low Yield Soils  106
 High Yield Soils  110
 Loams and Sands  108
 Clay Soils  108
 Low Organic Soils  107
 High Organic Soils  107
 Low CEC Soils  109
 High CEC Soils  107

G09Y24 vs Competitors over Multiple Years

Years Reps Locations  Product Height Moisture % Lodging Yield % of 5 Checks
G09Y24 3220

G09Y24 3220

G09Y24 3220


Last Updated: 12/4/2018