Available as: XTEND

Actual yield results expressed as a percentage of a 5 check average

 Plant Height
 Yield (as % of chks) for 2018
 Yield Stability (as % of chks)
 Eye Appeal
 PRR Tolerance
BSR Tolerance
 SDS Tolerance
 No-Till Adaptability
 Wet Tolerance
 Drought Tolerance


* Designates entry with insufficient data

 North of Lafayette
         * South of Lafayette
 East of Indianapolis
 West of Indianapolis
 Low Yield Plots
         * High Yield Plots
 Low Capability Soils
 High Capability Soils
 Loams and Sands
 Clay Soils
 Low Organic Soils
 High Organic Soils
 Low CEC Soils
 High CEC Soils

GH3195X vs Competitors over Multiple Years

Years Reps Locations  Product Height Moisture % Lodging Yield % of 5 Checks




Last Updated: 12/4/2018